Registration for The Spring 2024 cohort is now closed.

Selection Process

In this cohort, students are required to pre-register by submitting one of two suggested projects no later than March 29, 2024. After that, the selection committee will have a week to review submitted projects. The selected candidates will receive a confirmation email with an invitation to a private Discord server to join lectures.


Math Expression Evaluator

In this project, your goal is to develop a command line application that evaluates mathematical expressions provided as input. The application should handle both integer and double values, supporting basic arithmetic operations as well as standard mathematical functions like cos, acos, sin, asin, tan, atan, sqrt, and pow. Your solution should produce valid responses for well-formed expressions and appropriately reports any malformed expressions. See full description

Sharded HashMap

In this project, your objective is to create a straightforward HTTP API emulating the functionality of a HashMap. The challenge lies in addressing the constraint that data cannot be confined to a single machine. Instead, you are required to implement a sharding scheme of your own design to distribute and manage the data written to the HashMap across multiple machines. See full description

The Timeline

Preregistration Starts
Pre-registration is kicked off, Students will have to finish any/or both of the projects to pre-register for the cohort.
Preregistration Closes
Pre-registration deadline is reached, Submissions after this date would not be considered.
Selected Participants Notified
Selected students will be notified via email, and added to a private cohort specific discord server.
Courses Start
First lectures and assignments will start.